Webshop Integration with SAP Business One Integration Hub.
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Web shop integration with SAP Business One Integration Hub

Web shop integration with SAP Business One has been a regular requirement for many years. Manufacturers and some standard web shops have been offering these for a long time. With the SAP Business One Integration Hub, SAP provides its own offer.

The SAP Business One Integration Hub

Of the integration hub for SAP Business One automates end-to-end business processes and data processing. The solution not only addresses the processes related to web shop integration. In fact, the integration server should provide access to an increasing number of services and web services. The aim is to set up scenarios that are easy to set up and can be used quickly. This significantly simplifies and shortens integration projects.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance

Magento and Shopify are the first

Two web shops were chosen to start. The webshop integration for Magento and Shopify can be used immediately. PrestaShop and ShopWare are also under discussion. Both web shops are widespread and address different requirements in B2b and B2C scenarios. SAP lets its users vote on what should be implemented next. Users can cast their votes via the SAP Customer Influence Platform: For PrestaShop here and for shopware here.

SAP B1 Shopify integration

Web shop integration features

for Magento and Shopify

  • Easy customization of predefined base data and transaction synchronization.
  • One-way synchronization of Magento with SAP Business One for: customer data (message appears when customer data is synchronized)
  • Orders (order ID, payment method, products, discounts, tax amounts, freight and more), advance invoices, receipt of payment
  • One-way synchronization of SAP Business One with Magento for products, prices and inventory information
  • Two-way sync for credit
  • Creation of outgoing payments in SAP Business One

Advantages of web shop integration

for Magento Shopify

  • Streamlined and automated business processes
  • Correct inventory information and accurate product listings in Magento prevent overselling
  • Immediate order information and processing ensures timely shipment to customers
  • Accurate customer information avoids potential shipping problems
  • No manual interaction and less erroneous data


The following video shows how quickly and easily the web shop integration for Magento can be integrated into SAP Business One.

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