Webshops for SAP Business One.
27 apr

Webshops for SAP Business One

For a long time, webshops for SAP Business One played a rather outsider role. There was an SAP offer that was never launched on the market in Europe and that anyway was in a cost range that could be described as "inappropriate" for SMEs, to put it mildly.

However, the picture has changed enormously recently. Now you have a real choice of integrations.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance


The first thing to mention here is certainly ePages. Or should we say coresuite. Both!

The cooperation was probably about giving SAP Business One users the easiest possible access to an eCommerce sales channel. This has also been achieved. With a few clicks and a few data, you have configured your shop and Business One and you are ready to go.

The webshop is rented from ePages for a monthly fee that starts at 99.00 euros and ends at 499.00 euros.

However, it must of course be said that these are standard shops with standard design and standard processes.

At the same time, I would like to see a new version that also thinks about the payment processes. There is still a lot of "manual work" to be done in the backend.



Conclusion: Certainly top for a quick entry into the online sales channel, but nothing for individualists with high demands on full automation.

More on the coresuite website >>


The colleagues at Dupp Datensysteme GmbH are also taking an interesting approach. With their integration tool sync4 they can dock onto several shop systems at once. Among them are popular ones like xt:Commerce.

Here, too, the handling seems to be very simple. Additional data is kept in user-defined fields in SAP Business One and can be easily administered.

Shop users are created as Business One business partners and orders are transferred.

However, this is also the end of integration at this point.

You can rent a package from 99.00 EUR per month and also get a template delivered here. However, such templates are available in all colours and shapes on the internet and sometimes even for free.

Conclusion: Here, too, a quick entry into online trading is possible, based on a very popular platform. When real mass business with many transactions "threatens", a lot of work arises in the back end.

More about Sync4-Solutions>>


The Italian SAP development partner is consistently moving towards integration with SAP Business One. Run Time Solutions with its product WEB EC ONE

Like the product WEB CRM ONE from the same company, the shop uses existing Business One logics via its Java technology in order to expand them accordingly in the frontend.

This means, for example, that price lists from SAP Business One are used or the documents that are displayed in the web shop are not synchronised doubles but the original documents. Furthermore, the logistical chain was integrated right up to the end, including invoicing and payment via credit cards in SAP Business One. B2C-shops is possible. Item maintenance and, of course, stock levels all come directly from SAP Business One.

WEB EC ON also provides a tempalte, so you are not completely free in the design options. The price is EUR 9,500.00 as an SAP Business One Addon.

Conclusion: For a quick start, with high demands on integration and performance.

The individual path

Of course, there is always the option of docking other shop systems via an interface. We have had very good experience with the SAP Business One integration tool. b1iSN . With its possibilities, we were able to integrate even large Magento shops via web services with relative ease and needed a fraction of the time that interface programming would have taken.

Such a solution is always recommended when large complex solutions are to be realised and the design of the shop also plays a major role.

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