What does that mean? - ERP for Germans: "Order-to-Cash"
8 Feb

What does that mean? – ERP for Germans: “Order-to-Cash”

Anyone who thinks that civil servant German is the most complicated form of our language has never heard of BWLer experienced among themselves. This is especially true for the technical jargon of the software industry. This is usually a mixture of technical terms and English paraphrases. In this context, the way we and our colleagues express ourselves ranks in the upper echelons of incomprehensibility. One term that has caused more or less questioning looks is the term "order-to-cash".

Order-to-Cash - A Process

If you think this is business English for business lunches and dinners, you're wrong. Literally translated, "order-to-cash" also means order-to-payment and comes close to what is actually meant. process already relatively close. Order-to-cash" processes refer to all processes from the order to the receipt of payment. This term is particularly common when one speaks of or strives for a high degree of automation in these process areas.

Improvement through software use

In the best case, of course, software takes over many manual work steps. This applies to the receipt of orders everywhere. The relevant data, such as the customer number, are read out by the system and automatically transferred to the mask. If it is an order, the software can also, for example, compare the quantity with the stock and check its availability. In addition, all work steps are created in the system in such a way that they can be easily traced later. In addition to saving time, an order-to-cash process controlled by an ERP system can also make all processes much more transparent.

Order-to-Cash - Effect and Analysis

The efficiency of the order-to-cash process thus influences several areas and factors in the company. By improving the processes, you can achieve the following effects.

  • Reduction of process costs
  • Acceleration of receivables management
  • Improvement of the Cash flow
  • Labour time savings
  • Error prevention
  • Increase customer satisfaction

About the analysis of the order-to-cash process, actual valuable insights can be gained. For example, all deviations and burdens on certain sub-processes can be identified.

And, which term would you like to have translated from business management German into an understandable language?


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