What must a mobile ERP app be able to do?
7 apr

What must a mobile ERP app be able to do?

The pace of life today is enormous. The time in which we are available for everyone and everything is great. This does not leave our everyday professional life unscathed. More and more often, it will be necessary to access business data outside the four walls of the office and to make one or two phone calls. business process to be able to operate it from outside. In my private life, I have been using smartphones and apps for a long time. For Business Software there are also more and more such small programmes.

The mobile interface

Whether product figures or customer information ? when employees in the Field service If they still have to call the company to ask for this information, they are missing an important opportunity. Mobile access to the data in the ERP system can significantly accelerate the flow of information. On the other hand, cooperation with field staff can be improved because the new data is immediately synchronised in the system. This in turn opens up new opportunities for Process optimisation.

And what does the app need?

Even if ERP solutions like SAP Business One have already been simplified in their complexity, their functional potential would still go beyond the scope of a mobile terminal. It makes sense to reduce the application to those applications that a field worker really needs in the field. Here, functions can even be optimised for the field service. Of course, the best option would be to compile a suitable selection of applications for each employee group. This is often what users expect, but it is still a (costly) pipe dream?

Get the Mobility-Strategy!

Nevertheless, an adaptation to the needs of the user is definitely recommended. For the sake of usability alone, because the app should also be used and not be unnecessarily distracting when talking to customers, for example. It is helpful in this case, as with a large ERP implementationThe first step is to analyse the processes in the field service and, on the basis of this, to design the customised app. As always, an external consultant from the field is useful here.

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