What does ERP software need to be able to do in project business sales.
23 Nov

What must ERP software be able to do when selling in project business

The distribution and sale of a project is itself a project that should support a fully integrated ERP application. The requirements for this should not be underestimated. Which aspects to think about in the selection of ERP software The following section looks at the issues that need to be considered for sales in the project business.

The paradigm of totally integrated ERP software

One of the big tasks that ERP software has is the Dissolution of 'islands of application and the end-to-end integration of all Processes.
Well ? this is not exactly news, one would think. Of course, especially when purchasing new ERP software, you only want to invest in a business application that eliminates error-prone and costly multiple data storage.

ERP applications for manufacturing companies and merchandise management software for retailers have come a long way with this approach.
In the case of business software for project-oriented service providers or Investment farmers the choice of suitable integrated software becomes much smaller.

Selling projects is costly

Companies that handle large projects must first sell them. This sales process is often a project in itself. Over very long acquisition phases, sales must proceed in a coordinated and structured manner. Complex requirements demand a sophisticated calculation. The resulting offers must be able to be generated in different versions. And of course, it should be possible to store and track the complete communication of the sales process directly in the process.

For this purpose, the common opportunity Management, which is known from numerous CRM ? systems is often not sufficient. The opportunity must already be linked with the (possible) project in order to be able to Project costing The first step is to provide information about budget, duration and resources in a meaningful way.

MariProject on the basis of
SAP Business One

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Record costs for project distribution

Since selling projects often involves a lot of effort and therefore costs, the company should also have the possibility to track these costs. The journeys to the customer, meetings, business lunches and dinners, the cost of calculation and documentation ? all of this must be recorded. In the best case, you have the costs for project acquisition under control via budgets.


Documents in the project business

Bids for projects are rarely limited to a few items in a table. The services must be described with words and sometimes means such as graphics or drawings. Besides that, there are other documents such as loads or/and Specificationsthat have a development over the time period of the distribution process.
It should be possible to file this in an audit-proof manner.

Early project planning

It is often useful for a probable project to determine the required resources to plan pro forma. On the one hand, a valid budget is arrived at via the cost rates deposited with the resources. On the other hand, you can inform departments in the company about the probable demand, which will then be included in their planning.

Switching from offer to live operation

When you have done all this (preliminary) work, you do not want to enter all the data again after the sale of the project in order to go into the controlled implementation. It should therefore be possible to generate the project to be carried out on the basis of the offer data. The offered project planning is retained and transferred to the next (real) planning. At this point, at the latest, you benefit from fully integrated ERP software.

In from the start

All beginnings are difficult and in Project business it is already costly at this stage. If you want to be sure that you can already accommodate this beginning in a single integrated ERP system, you should make a further effort: When selecting ERP software for the project business, one should take a close look at these processes.






Demo -Video

How MariProject for SAP Business One meets all these requirements from project sales can be seen in the following video.


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