Moving closer to digitisation with Versino Projects and Wogra
3 July

Closer to digitization with Versino Projects and Wogra

The Digital Transformation Forum was successfully held for the third time by Versino Projects and Wogra Consulting in Augsburg on 27 June 2017. There were a lot of interesting things to learn about digitalisation.

Digital transformation is a topic that is now being discussed at many levels. Nevertheless, some representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises find it difficult to come to terms with the trend. Some see the constant references to the threat posed by a possible oversleeping of the trend as scaremongering. And detached minds see just another colourful sow being herded through the "digital village".

Closer to medium-sized businesses - closer to digitalisation

The 3rd Digital Transformation Forum once again offered a platform that took the topic of digitalisation out of the "buzz corner". How to use the trends in medium-sized businesses was the focus of the annual specialist event organised by Versino Projects and Wogra Consulting from Augsburg.


Digital Transformation Forum
The focus was on how to quickly and securely advance digitalisation in the company with a combination of standard and customised software. The realisation that with today's technology it is possible to turn "either/or" into "both/and" was the conclusion of the lecture.

The Forum on Digitalisation in Augsburg
The Forum on Digitalisation in Augsburg

Another helpful contribution for the SME entrepreneur was how costs arising from digitisation projects can be correctly calculated and kept in check.

Was it sensible to concentrate on a few important functions despite the exuberant variety of functions of application software such as SAP Business One, was lively discussed. The "pain point oriented introduction of business software" was, according to some participants, a new and valuable suggestion.

The trend towards platforms was presented and discussed using a regional example from the care sector.

Last but not least, it provided a glimpse into the near and distant future, with topics such as the further expansion of the cloud and the use of AI in SMEs.

Discussing and networking in the name of digitalisation

The lively discussion touched on many aspects of the digital transformation, both technical and social. In addition to this "regulated" exchange, there was also plenty of time and space to get to know each other and to network.


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