8 Okt

Neue Version von coresuite mobil für SAP Business One

Coresuite mobil für SAP Business One ist in einer neuen Version erschienen. Unter der Nummer  2.3.13 ist die Version veröffentlicht worden. Nun läuft die APP auch unter iOS 7. Darüber hinaus kann man in den Release-Notes Folgendes lesen:



  • Added possibility to do a check-in before working on any assignment
  • Added possibility to perform a checkout without report and without signature from the customer
  • Added possibility to perform a group checkout combining any other checkouts (chosen by the user)
  • Added possibility to specify the equipment during material creation
  • Added possibility to fill remarks at any stage of the opportunity
  • Added possibility to link territories to a business partner (permissions have to be granted, see instructions attached to this email)
  • Added possibility to view territories linked to business partners and employees (see instructions attached to this email)
  • UDFs and KPIs will now also be displayed on efforts, work time, expenses, materials, mileages and opportunities


  • coresuite mobile is now supported on iOS 7
  • Camera barcode scanner screen displays animated barcode laser to indicate that it’s scanning
  • Corrected the positioning of checklist elements
  • Fixed a view problem relating to objects displayed in calendar
  • Improved usability of the checklist template picker (new tab categories)
  • Displaying “Show more” button to show more than 50 items in the search
  • It is no longer allowed to delete the payment terms when editing business partners
  • Extended the sorting options of the opportunity list
  • Payment terms are now pre-filled by default when creating sales documents
  • Added buttons for navigation to next and previous chapters inside the checklists module
  • Improved end-to-end error handling (now enabled only using permissions, view mine or all errors)


  • Fixed week starting on saturday for some customers
  • fixed several issues on iOS 7

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