New mobile platform WRNTY für SAP Business One
21 Jan

New mobile platform WRNTY für SAP Business One

Until recently and apart from the mobile clients by SAP, coresystems has been dominating the market for mobile solutions that can be combined with SAP Business One. But now, coresuite mobile has to face a new competitor.

It is called WRNTY and comes from the country where SAP Business One originated – Israel.

WRNTY’s flagship product, SupeRep™, is a complete mobile, SaaS, cloud based solution for sales representatives and features catalogues, order taking and CRM using tablets and PCs as the end user interface.

Similar to coresuite mobil, it is an online / offline tool. That means, the user has access to his data even when he has no internet connection.

A disparity to the solution of the Swiss market leader is the choice of available platforms – on top of iOs and Android, there is also Windows 8.

To start with, the list of features is quite impressive:

  • Automated bi-directional data flow between SAP Business One and SupeRep™
  • Continous updates from SAP Business One to SupeRep™ of:
    • all article fields
    • stock-taking data
    • support of multiple warehouses
    • SAP user defined fields
    • pricelists
    • attributes
  • Automated loading of images – up to 6 images per article
  • Business Partner master data, including:
    • BP billing and shipping details
    • allocation of different pricelists to a BP
    • BP discounts
    • allocation of agents to a BP
    • contact persons
  • Key GP reports for the sales team:
    • detailed customer status report (drill down)
    • age list
    • full invoice history (paid/unpaid)
  • Continuous Updates from SupeRep™ to SAP Business One of:
    • sales orders
    • quotes
    • invoices
    • returns
    • customer details – create and edit
    • contact persons – create and edit
    • activities – create and edit

All of the above documents can be updated both in draft as well as in regular status.

The best thing, however, is a condition which does not reveal itself at first glance. Even though the solution is, a 35,00 Euros per user per month, a bit more expensive than the coresystems app, WRNTY has the lead when it comes to conditions.
In this specific case, we are not just talking about SaaS and the advantages of scalability of a sofware as a service solution and a minimun term of 12 months.

Upon our inquiry, WRNTY confirmed to us that licenses can be scaled according to monthly requirements.

Those who opt for a longer term are compensated with discounts. However, it is still possible to change your mind and end the contract for a cancellation fee.

Our respect! This is a company who is really working with the customer in mind.

By the way, the software has been certified by SAP and is available not only on iTunes , Windows Store and Google Play but also in the SAP Store.

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  • Von Elodie -


    As one of their (small) customer (with SAP integration), I can only concur with your conclusion: great product with a great team (very dedicated and helpful).

    And BTW, great blog too!

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