9 Apr

New mobile solution for technical field service with SAP Business One

For SAP Business One customers the choice of mobile solutions is getting better and bigger. Two years ago there was actually the choice between the SAP Business One Mobile App and the mobile range of core systems, now more and more deals come for SAP Business One on the mobile app market.

A solution which is mainly aimed at the technical field comes from Dortmund provider ePockets Solutions GmbH.

Here following industries are primarily addressed:

  • Construction and construction-related industries
  • Electrical installation
  • Facility Management
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration technology
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Technical customer support 

The mobile solution which among many other ERP – systems also can dock to SAP Business One has been developed for Android and Windows Mobile smartphones and for laptops with MS Windows.
Handyman Mobile is offline-capable and thus addresses a core requirement of technical field service, which is still not familiar to long-coverage mobile networks.
The field service provides all important functions:

  • Recording of working hours
  • Acquisition of material consumption
  • Create and comment on photos
  • Customised checklists
  • Inventory management
  • Plant management (service objects)
  • Document management
  • Offline capability with synchronization
  • Detection of technicians and customer signature
  • Industry-specific dictionaries

The interface to SAP Business One has been implemented as an typical ADDON, where the data is exchanged in XML format. It is bi-directional and expandable. Thereby the SAP Business One-typical processes were considered. Thus, working with SAP B1 service activities and service orders is possible. Also SAP Business One UDFs (User Defined Fields) are supported.

A typical process in SAP Business One looks like this:

  • A  service order is created in SAP Business One and transfers it to the mobile app
  • From the SAP Business One we opened resource planning, and the new order is planned for a technician
  • In the mobile app the technician records time and materials, fills checklists, uploads photos etc.
  • The contract will be signed by the customer
  • The entries will be automatically transferred to SAP Business One.
  • In SAP Business One the information collected is filled as delivery note and the one job report as a document in contract/plant.

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