New mobile solution: i-deal for SAP Business One
12 Mrz

New mobile solution: i-deal for SAP Business One

i-deal is the latest addition to mobile applications for SAP Business One.

To use the recent words of an ERP provider’s Marketing Manager: “Mobile is no longer an issue.”
And how right he was. Mobility is no longer a quality that raises attention. It has become normal to have a plethora of apps for any circumstance. Any useful domains for mobile applications are obvious and almost every ERP or CRM provider has a mobile solution in their portfolio.

ideal- SAP Business One



There might even be a certain degree of disillusionment, having realised that not every application or functionality is necessarily enhaced by multi touch gestures on a pad.

Like with all hypes, this decline in enthusiasm also has some advantages. It offers some space to smaller and mostly also less expensive suppliers, who occupy themselves less with “colorful novelties” and more with strict utilitarism.

One of those “unexcited” applications may well be the mobile platform i-deal  provided by Nexti GmbH from Karlsruhe, Germany. Their solution delivers mobile order recording, customer database and product catalogue to the iPad.

Additionally, they have integrated Google Maps to show the locations of their customers and use automated route planning.

Customer history, turnover development and sales trends can be viewed using the CRM functionalities. Customer orders can be recorded and signed on site.

Simply put: everything that you expect from a mobile application of this kind.

Oh yes: there is (of course) an interface to SAP Business One 😉

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