5 Feb

News and lookout in CKS.DMS for SAP Business One V2.6

Finally, version 2.6 of the fully integrated DMS system for SAP One is available. As its main feature, version 2.6 delivers Outlook 2010/2013 e-mail archiving.
After one year of development and a lot of feedback from SAP partners, it is now safe to say that there is no easier integration for SAP Business One on the market.
As expected by our customers, the e-mail archiving can be installed and activated with just two clicks.

As an additional highlight, there is now also a 64 Bit version of CKS.DMS. Therefore we are now undisputedly one of the first suppliers on the market to offer their add-ons in 64 Bit.

Here are the news for our customers and partners:

For customers

  • After an update, e-mail archiving is now integrated into the main menu of CKS.DMS. Additionally, the add-on for Outlook can be installed from there.
  • Printing of QR codes from any CKS.DMS object for automated linkage
  • Assignment of documents from bulk scans out of an SAP Document
  • Release of the tool for searching in CKS.DMS without a connection to SAP Business One

For partners

  • Conversion of QR code print and OCR recognition to 64 Bit
  • Support of SAP B1 version 8.81
  • The analysis for support of SAP Business One HANA is finished. The full range of CKS.DMS will be available for HANA databases in the future

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