SAP Business One for the energy sector
24 Mrz

SAP Business One for the energy sector

SAP Business One for the energy sector

As it is widely known, SAP Business One has reached a market penetration that might just make the application be called “mainstream”.
However, there are still some white areas on the “industry map” that SAP Business One just doesn’t seem to be able to cover.

One very specific industry for an ERP such as SAP Business One is the energy sector. But now, the Berlin based SAP Partner IQone GmbH has closed this gap.

The industry solution based on SAP Business One addresses the energy sector with extended functionalities in the CRM and ERP standard software and additional energy business related components.

But not only has the master data in SAP Business One been adjusted, but the typical processes of the energy sector have been added to the integrated software solution. From recording of counter readings and network use accounting to meter reading, invoicing and claims management, SAP Business One has been fully aligned to the requirements of this industry.

SAP Business One Energie

Quite a bit has also been changed in the user interfaces of SAP Business One to ideally display the processes in the energy sector.

As one of the first SAP Business One industry packages, IQone is relying consistently on SAP HANA, SAP’s inMemory technology. This is certainly understandable, seeing that using the powerful HANA reporting engine, the amount of data created by energy users can become a valuable basis for reports and analyses of all kinds.


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