T-Systems provides infrastructure for SAP Business One on Demand
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T-Systems provides infrastructure for SAP Business One on Demand

T-Systems Hungary offers cloud service for SAP Business One partners.

There is still a level of reservation when in comes to the much quoted cloud – in Germany, but also in the rest of Europe. According to recent studies, only a 24% share is expected for the cloud when it comes to business applications; the share of ERP applications (depending on the study) is only between 3% and 5%.

Studie Cloud ERP und Geschäftsanwendungen
Currently, Cloud Applications still make up only a small percentage of the overall applications. (TCS) (Archive: Vogel Business Media)

Up until now, SAP Business One On Demand has been feeling this trend as well.

Demand was only lukewarm, and even companies who were interested in the beginning decided to use the so-called On Premise solution instead.

Apart from the security concerns, this was mainly due to the cost structure – what with license fees for SAP Business One, databases and provision adding up to a sum that, in the long run, was simply not worthwhile for the inclined medium sized business.
These problems originate less from SAP Business One, but rather from the nature of an ERP application. A business software – which, when all is said and done, SAP Business One is – constitutes an investment which is usually viewed over a ten year period. Frequently, a bought ERP solution will amortize significantly faster, while rent will continue steadily and eat away at the company’s cash.

Now SAP has – where SAP Business One On Demand is concerned – found a new partner to blow a new wind into the data cloud.

From now on, T-Systems Hungary offers a special service for the SAP Business One Community.

T-Systems Hungary offers SAP Business One Partners simple and investment free, claimable, flexible hosting and connected services, including the required operating system and database licenses.

The service includes:

  • 7×24 helpdesk availability
  • Elimination of application errors
  • User support
  • System parametrization
  • System operation
  • Change request management

The documentation provided by T-System states that:

…T-Systems Hungary has become a strategic partner of SAP AG for SAP Business One (B1) services in southern Europe. We have committed to the elaboration of localized versions of SAP B1 for the respective countries and, beyond that, will ensure implementation, consulting, support and other related services on site…

And as the entire advertising material is also provided in German, it is safe to assume that they will not fight off any German or other Europeam customers. 😉

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