28 october

Special depreciation method SAP Business One

The special depreciation method allows for additional depreciation on fixed assets above the regular depreciation amount, depending on the legal requirements of the respective country. SAP Business One supports the implementation of the special depreciation method to enable companies to depreciate their assets in a compliant and beneficial way.

In SAP Business One, the special depreciation is always applied in the first period of the preferential period is carried out. The software displays "Additional" to indicate that the special depreciation is always calculated in addition to the standard depreciation amount.

Here are the main components of the special depreciation method in SAP Business One:

  1. Calculation method: Identifies the special depreciation as an additional Depreciation at the regular depreciation amount.
  2. Pool for depreciation type: Selection of a pool to which the special depreciation type is to be assigned.
  3. Normal depreciation: Specify a depreciation type for the regular automatic depreciation of the asset.
  4. Alternat. Depreciation: Enter an alternative depreciation type for parallel calculation and comparison of depreciation calculations. This alternative calculation is for reference only and does not result in a posting in the ledger.

The special depreciation method in SAP Business One enables flexible asset depreciation that helps companies take full advantage of the tax benefits of special depreciation. In addition, the method facilitates fixed asset management and compliance with legal depreciation requirements, which contributes to improved financial reporting and decision-making.


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