9 March

Table OBOT (SAP Business One)

The OBOT table in SAP Business One contains information about the booking types defined in the system. Each entry in the table reflects a specific booking type created by the system.

The OBOT table contains information such as the ID of the booking type, its name, a description of the booking type and whether or not the booking type is important for the system. Further details such as the type of booking (e.g. inventory booking, opening balance booking) and the associated Account group may also be included.

The OBOT table is closely linked to other SAP Business One modules such as the financial accounting and cost accounting are linked. This allows the system to easily set up and manage posting types for accurate and efficient accounting. For example, the following fields can be found in the OBOT table in SAP Business One:

  • Code: This field contains the code of the booking type, which serves as a unique identifier.
  • Name: The name of the booking type is saved here.
  • Description: A description of the booking type is stored in this field.
  • Relevance: Here you define whether the booking type is relevant for the system or not.
  • PostingType: This field defines the type of posting (e.g. inventory posting, opening balance posting).
  • GroupCode: The associated account group is defined here.
  • BaseDocType: This field defines the type of the associated document (e.g. sales invoice, purchase invoice).
  • UserFields: User-defined fields for the booking type can be defined here.



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