9 March

Table OALC (SAP Business One)

In SAP Business One, the OALC table stores master data information on the Charts of accounts stored. It contains entries for each of the charts of accounts available in SAP Business One, as well as information about the accounts and Account groupscontained in each of these charts of accounts. Specifically, the OALC table contains data on the following fields:

  • Closing table: Indicates whether the chart of accounts has a closing table.
  • Account: The account number.
  • Account Name: The name of the account.
  • Account type: The type of account (e.g. balance account or income account).
  • Account group: The group to which the account belongs.
  • Plan: The chart of accounts to which the account belongs.
  • Level: The level of the account within the chart of accounts.
  • Parent account: The parent account to which the account belongs.



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