9 March

Table JDT1 (SAP Business One)

The details of the journal entry are stored in SAP Business One in table JDT1, where they are available for the user are accessible. The table contains entries for each account used in an entry. Each entry contains details of the account in question, including the amount that was Document numberof the transaction code, etc. In addition, the account balance is updated after each entry.

Here are some sample fields in table JDT1:

  • TransId: The unique transaction ID for the booking.
  • Line_ID: The unique ID for each entry line.
  • Account: The account used in the entry line.
  • RefDate: The date on which the booking was made.
  • Debit: The amount of the entry line on the debit side.
  • Credit: The amount of the entry line on the credit side.
  • ShortName: The short name of the business partner if the booking line is assigned to a customer or supplier.
  • Memo: A description of the entry line.



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