9 March

Table OACT (SAP Business One)

In SAP Business One, the OACT table stores information about the company's general ledger accounts. Each Account in the general ledger is reflected in the table by an entry containing the corresponding account number, account name, account type and any other relevant information for that account.

The account number not only serves as a unique identifier for the account in the ledgerbut is also used in other SAP Business One modules as a reference point for transactions and postings. The user has the ability to recognise their account more quickly by giving it a name that is both descriptive and informative of its purpose.

The account type can be used to identify whether it is a debit account, a credit account or a balance confirmation account. This information is essential for the correct posting of transactions in the system. Other data that can be included in the OACT table include the categorisation of the account, the currency in which the account is held and the date of the last update. The fields in the OACT table include:

  • AcctCode: This field contains the account number of the general ledger account.
  • AcctName: The name of the general ledger account is stored here.
  • GroupMask: This field contains a bit mask indicating the group membership of the account.
  • Postable: This indicates whether the account is postable or not.
  • Levels: This field defines the hierarchy level of the account in the general ledger.
  • Finanse: This field indicates whether the account is a debit or credit account.
  • LocManTran: This defines whether the account is used for local bookings or for bookings in other currencies.
  • MaxCT: This field contains the maximum credit amount allowed for the account.
  • MaxDT: The maximum debit amount for the account is specified here.
  • ToleranceDays: This field specifies the number of tolerance days for payments that apply to the account.




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