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Tables SAP Business One *B-I*


SAP Business One tables starting with B-I (without claim to completeness)

Table description Module
BPL1 Branch I.E. numbers administration
BPL2 Tributary Info Branch administration
CIF1 Country Specific Information administration
CPL1 Quick Copy - Instance protocol administration
CSN1 Certificate Series - Series administration
CSPI Solution Packager Information administration
CSTN Workstation ID administration
CUMF Folder administration
CUMI User menu entries administration
DADB Data archiving DSA balance administration
DAR1 Data archive - Transaction log administration
DAR2 Data archive - Transaction log administration
DAR3 Data archiving - Handwritten documents administration
DATB Data archiving Tax balance administration
DBADM DB user read-only access administration
DGP1 Customer directory administration
DGP2 Extended selection criteria administration
DGP3 Advanced consolidation options administration
DGP4 Business location list administration
DGP5 Sort By List administration
EML1 E-mail log - lines administration
EOY1 Custom Objects Year End administration
ERX1 Excise register no. - lines administration
FML1 Tax formula parameter specification administration
FTT1 Financial template import - files administration
GFL1 Grid filter rules administration
GFL2 Grid filter name administration
GPC1 Assignment of authorities administration
IMGDT User deletion Group log time administration
IMGLG Group message log administration
IMGP1 Group user administration
IMGRP Group master data administration
IMLTM Departure time administration
IMPLG Private Message Log administration


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