9 Facts about the Cloud
6 Nov

9 Facts about the Cloud

the cloud seems to live up to its name. Due to the numerous rumours, the benefits of the cloud are rather obscure. In order to provide a little clarity on the subject of the cloud, here are a few facts:


Fact 1: Not every cloud automatically saves money

It is widely assumed that the cloud saves money in an automated way. This is certainly the case with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). However, this does not necessarily apply to all cloud services such as Software as a Service (SaaS) apply.

Fact 2: Cloud is not always cloud

Due to the great hype around the topic of the cloud, products are often "sold" as clouds that do not have much to do with the actual cloud functions.

Fact 3: The cloud is not right for everyone

Although many can benefit from the cloud, the cloud is not the solution to everything in IT. If there is nothing to be gained in terms of cost, applications do not necessarily have to be "cloudised".

Fact 4: Even a cloud needs goals

A cloud, like any other software, is a tool. And a tool wants to be used, usually with a goal. This also applies to the introduction of a cloud in the business processesgoals must be defined that can be worked towards with the cloud. Otherwise, even a cloud makes little sense.

Fact 5: The cloud is versatile

The spectrum of goals and benefits of cloud services is large. They differ, for example, by size and level, as well as by use case. A standardised cloud service does not exist and would also be pointless, as these serve as drivers of the respective, specific business processes.

Fact 6: Even in the cloud, data is not unprotected

Of course, everything that goes online is also "vulnerable" there. However, most data breaches have so far occurred in the on-permise environment. The great mistrust of data security in cloud computing does not correspond to the actual security risks.

Fact 7: The cloud has established itself as a business-savvy tool

The cloud has long since evolved from a useful adjunct to a tangible tool for critical enterprise workloads. Younger companies are even using the cloud from the beginning of their days to conduct business.

Fact 8: A cloud is not just a data centre

Actually, it's clear that a cloud is about more than simply "storing data". While a data centre is all about storing data, cloud strategies are about actually optimising business processes.

Fact 9: Not everyone uses the cloud in the same way

On the one hand, there are entire cloud services such as SaaS and, on the other, individual applications that can be hosted in the cloud. Cloud solutions can also replace your own hardware.

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