6 Jan


SAP HANA is a so-called in-memory database. The SQL-based relational database can either be operated on a combination of software and hardware (appliance). Alternatively, one can also switch to a cloud platform. The database, which runs under SUSE Linux, is able to analyse large amounts of data in real time. Technologically, the database uses a combination of column and row orientation.
Using multi-core CPU architectures, the database achieves significant performance advantages through the parallel execution of processes. The SAP HANA Studio is the associated development platform based on Eclipse.

HANA features in this blog.


Bydesign S/4Hana

SAP Business ByDesign vs SAP S/4HANA Cloud

After years of development, SAP Business ByDesign has reached a high level of maturity in the SaaS ERP area for medium-sized companies. SAP Business ByDesign seems ...
SAP Business One Datav Interface

VERSINO DATEV Interface/ Financial Suite HANA ready

At the beginning of the development, as the name Versino DATEV interface suggests, one goal was in focus: the transfer and receipt ...
Video: Extensibility of SAP Business One under HANA

Video: Extensibility of SAP Business One under HANA

The flexibility and expandability of SAP Business One have been one of its most important features from the very beginning of the ERP for ...

Always keep an overview - Customer 360 Overview in SAP Business One for HANA

All important data at a glance. That's a phrase you often hear in SAP Business One function descriptions...
webinars Sap Business One

Docking to SAP Business One with the Service Layer (HANA)

At first, this video seems to be only for the "techies" among those interested in SAP Business One. However, the Indian ...

Successful from order to shipment - with SAP B1 for HANA

Inventory and correct shipping is one of the most important components of a logistics company. Especially when it comes to office supplies. Correct numbers ...

Everything at a glance: data management with SAP Business One for HANA

At DPF, the tasks are clearly distributed. The manufacture of the various metal products requires not only strength and concentration, but also good cooperation...

Successful cooling with SAP Business One for HANA

One company that seems particularly important to us these days are those who ensure bearable temperatures in our workplaces. That ...

General practitioner 2.0 – with SAP Business One HANA

Everyone knows long waiting times in doctor's offices from their own experience. However, if you are forced to visit the doctor regularly, this puzzle can ...

Free HANA Tutorials

Most SAP Business One systems are still operated in combination with a Microsoft SQL database. However, in ...