More production control with SAP Business One.
23 october

More production control with SAP Business One

In the early days of SAP Business One, it was always emphasised that the functions around the production were more suitable for companies with simple assembly. Manufacturers who wanted to use SAP Business One turned to add-ons for production control. Over time, however, more and more functions for manufacturing companies were added.
Meanwhile, SAP Business One is quite capable of serving manufacturing companies entirely from its standard functions.

Production control at a glance

From the existing order data, the user can create production orders directly in the system on the basis of stored parts lists. Through automatic comparison with your existing resources and stocks, bottlenecks can be identified and, if necessary, purchase orders or supplier enquiries can be triggered. The integrated Material Requirements Planning (MRP) ensures a smooth manufacturing process. An MRP assistant guides intuitively through these steps in SAP Business One. At the same time, the production staff also have an overview of the open production orders: Whether they are in stock or being manufactured for customers and whether sufficient resources are available.

New videos on production control

SAP has now published a number of videos on its Youtube channel on the Production control published.

In this video, a parts list created for the production process



The first clip starts with the release of a production order and shows how the deadlines are calculated.


In this clip, stages 2 and 3 are edited in the production order.


This clip shows how variances are managed in the production process. A variance can occur when you need to output an additional component.


In this video you can see how to make a production order completes. With the completion of a production order, all outstanding expenses for production and income from production as well as all other inventory-related transactions, e.g. allocation of serial / batch numbers, etc., are made.


This clip shows the reporting at the end of the production process.



This clip shows how to close a production order and display the links generated in the production process.


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