On assembly with SAP Business One
21 March

On assembly with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is standard ERP designed to cover as many requirements as possible in a wide variety of industries with its functions. This has the advantage for companies that they do not have to switch to any niche product just because their processes have one or the other special orientation. Of course, there are companies that cannot implement enough of their industry-specific requirements with the basic functionality of SAP Business One. You don't have to go straight to the "super special" application here. There are numerous extensions for this (addons) converting SAP Business One from standard to industry ERP.


That would initially be nothing unusual for ERP software, since many ERP providers have and still have the option of adding additional functions to the business software based on the software's source code. However, the snag is often hidden here. Such software, which has often been heavily modified, later has difficulties in keeping up with the innovations of the software manufacturers. It is not uncommon for the result that the adjustments have to be re-echoed in the event of an update or upgrade.

SAP Business One went a different way here, even when it was created 13 years ago. The strictly shielded core of the software is taboo for development partners. Here is the territory of the SAP. At the same time, a layer was created where extensions can be attached to this core. Here comes the strict object oriented programing of SAP Business One, which constructively demonstrates its advantages. The result is the apparent squaring of the circle: A largely adaptable ERP software, which at the same time remains updateable.

Lots Addons for service providers

Why this long introduction? Because this is one of the reasons why there are now several competing companies for SAP Business One (at least for some industries). Addons are. One of these multiply occupied areas is the wasteland of service providers. Of course, the field of service providers cannot be narrowed down so sharply. Between the cleaning crew and the assembly company to the IT service provider, there are countless types of services that put the service and its marketing at the top. At the same time, a number of other sectors have service components in their offerings. Many industrial companies employ fitters, service engineers and a wide range of service specialists whose services sometimes make a significant contribution to the company's turnover.

Of course, the requirements for an ERP software such as SAP Business One are just as broad as the variations of the services. The good news is: SAP Business One can now come up with a similarly wide range of solutions!

SAP Business One – standard

Well it's not like that SAP Business One absolutely requires an extension to map processes of the service provider. With the service module ERP solution for medium-sized companies, this area is even dealt with in great detail. The standard functions of SAP Business One contain among other things:

  • Processing of service calls
  • warranty processing
  • Management of customer equipment
  • Management of technicians
  • service contracts
  • Serial number management

Important data can also be transmitted to the fitter, technician or field worker with a mobile app.

Versino – Service One

The addon comes from the house of Versino Service One. The solution is seamlessly based on the SAP Business One standard. The solution for technical customer service accompanies the entire process with a workflow control. This begins with the telephone acceptance of service cases. These are converted into service orders and result in deployment planning for technicians or fitters by the dispatcher. A graphical planning board (web-based) is available for this purpose, with which open service orders can be scheduled in the calendar using drag & drop.

Service One resource planning

The service technician receives all the necessary data via a smartphone app. In this way, appointment requests for the execution of service orders reach the employee. He can also view details and confirm them directly. The technician can call up a weekly plan with all service orders and call up further information on each service order, including data, images, drawings, spare parts for the product. The service technician uses the Service One mobile app to report back the required working time and materials so that a delivery note can be created and billing can take place.

Features like a knowledgeDatabase or one CTI-Integration complete the software additionally.


The service module of MariProject

MariProject is definitely one of the most comprehensive extensions of SAP Business One. That addon is aimed in various versions at service providers of all kinds, but also at plant manufacturers or other project-oriented companies.

The recently expanded service module supports the SAP Business One user in planning,
Billing and evaluation of service calls. Here, too, a mobile & web client is available to the service technician or field worker.

Of course, it's highly integrated with the rest of the features.

Coresystems Field Service

Of course one may when listing the SAP Business One Addons for the service providers don't forget Coresystems. The Swiss have even geared a significant part of their activities to this business. The name of this Coresystems division “Coresystems Field Service Software” says it all. However, behind it is the “Coresuite Mobile”, which has been successfully developed for years. Here the name is also program. The suite focuses on the mobile nature of service processing.

corsystems field service

The novelty of the solutions listed here is probably the stationing of the data in the cloud. To be more precise in the Amazon Cloud. Although medium-sized companies still have difficulties with the operator model, this naturally guarantees maximum availability of the data for the field service.

Otherwise, the extension for SAP Business One offers many functions that a field service requires. Starting from the SAP Business One service ticket, you can plan, forward it to technicians, edit checklists, record data and times and report back.


Who has the choice…

Together with the possibilities of SAP Business One there is an almost overwhelming abundance of possibilities for the work of service providers, fitters, maintenance departments or similarly structured target groups in field service to support. We as versino We don't commit ourselves there, but operate with the tools that fit best depending on the processes, needs and tasks.

Nice when you have the choice!


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