What's Really Behind SAP Business One on HANA
27 March

What's really behind SAP Business One on HANA

The big news was announced at CeBIT 2013: SAP Business One is now available as the first SAP application that can be used without restriction under HANA is running. Now there have already been some anticipatory critics who have expressed doubts that this combination is really a sensible offer for medium-sized companies. After all, the SMEs addressed by SAP Business One are far from really ?BIG DATA? to produce.

However, this view is perhaps somewhat abbreviated if one limits the potential use of SAP HANA solely to the potential accelerated analysis of mass data.

In a somewhat longer article SAP is now trying to clarify this on the SAP.info platform. SAP summarises the most important new functions of SAP Business One on HANA as follows:


  • Availability checks provide for dynamic aggregation of current stocks, ordered stocks, replenished Stocks and delivered stocks. Orders can be rescheduled by users to optimise product movements.
  • cash flow-forecasts enable calculations to take account of orders, purchase orders, down payments and regular bookings, thus ensuring maximum performance in the financial and accounting.
  • Embedded analysis functions are available directly in the transaction screens. They enable sales staff to make tailored cross-selling and up-selling offers to their customers in real time.
  • Reports are for computationally intensive tasks such as inventory analyses and the monthly determination of the customer status are already predefined.
  • Predefined dashboards contain, in addition to the SAP Crystal Reports delivered three new dashboards available exclusively for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA: Opportunity, Inventory Analysis and Key Performance Indicators for CEOs.
  • Ad hoc reports contain common business terms and allow users to easily interact with data using BI tools such as SAP Crystal solutions. Users do not need to be familiar with business rules or know where the data is stored, so they can create reports without IT support.
  • Free company-wide search functions enable keyword searches in all data in SAP Business One.
  • Functions for life cycle management include an initialisation and duplication mechanism, Backup and recovery, monitoring and a management console.
  • Mobile access options are provided via the SAP Business One app for many of the new features, including integrated enterprise-wide search, availability check and cash flow dashboards.


It seems that it is less the size of the companies or the amount of data that plays a role in the evaluation of SAP Business One on HANA, and more the willingness to innovationto get a head start.

However, this does not only apply to customers who use SAP Business One, but also to add-on manufacturers. The more than 500 add-on solutions for SAP Business One that are already on the market have already been ported to HANA by one or other of SAP's development partners. However, this is probably only the beginning. HANA has its own functional logic, on the basis of which completely new approaches can be pursued.

There is still a lot of excitement to be expected here, as the SAP ADDON manufacturers, as "fast boats in the SAP ocean", are developing a much higher dynamic than the "tanker" SAP. SAP.

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