Best-of-Breed or why interfaces are no longer dangerous.
10 June

Best-of-Breed or why interfaces are no longer dangerous

Over time, a certain image of what an ERP system should look like and what this software must be able to do has become established. However, the possibilities and the handling of ERP solutions have changed. Therefore, not all assessments of the software are unreservedly correct - even if they are called best-of-breed.

Fear of interfaces

A vivid example of this are interfaces. There is a general resistance to connecting other systems to the ERP software. Of course, it is also true that setting it up is not necessarily easy. Moreover, it can be difficult with the updates of a system that the connections no longer function. In order to establish a new interface integration, costs and efforts must not be spared.

The solution to map all functions in one system is obvious. However, it is difficult to find a provider (even industry-specific) who can do this. In the manufacturing industry, for example, product data and life cycle management as well as product design, CAD, sale, ticket management, production, machine connection, production control and planning, camp, personnel, etc. are processed via the ERP system. An endless list of requirements that also change over time.

The Best-of-Breed Strategy

A solution is a provider that offers an all-in-one solution, such as SAP Business One, which covers all standard functions. But it also offers the possibility of connecting specialised systems that respond to the individual needs of the company. In this way, the user has the possibility to access the applications he needs without having to turn to different providers whose systems may not be compatible. This approach is called the best-of-breed strategy.

A particularly large number of providers of this "add-on software" can be found in the areas of time recording, WebshopPDM and personnel administration. By offering this service, the provider guarantees secure connection and updateability. And that with a system that can cover all needs.


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