ERP system instead of a paper economy.
13 March

ERP system instead of paperwork

Notes are great. They give you a feeling of planning as well as control. However, every note-taker knows that such a "paper chaos" can quickly turn into chaos.

Especially in the working world, notes can become stumbling blocks. Because often only the note writers have an understanding of the arrangement, can decode abbreviations or interpret their own handwriting. But if, for example, the employee in question is absent and a required piece of information is buried deep in the mountain of notes, it simply takes too much time to search. In the case of customer or even order data, this leads to embarrassing phone calls and - well - a lot of extra time. Not exactly efficient. Under time pressure, an unnecessary stress factor that harbours dangerous error traps for all involved. It doesn't take long for a "6" to look like a "0" and the wrong number appears on the order form. When "1600" becomes "1000" in production, it is more than just a small faux pas.

Dispersed? ERP!

As pleasant as it may be to quickly scribble down important information, you should get out of the habit. Numerous integrated solutions offer solutions here ERP systemswhich create a suitable interface for every item in the company, where every piece of information can be filed quickly and easily in the system. Predefined masks also facilitate the search for important information. Authorised users can also access the relevant information that another employee has entered into the system at any time. Tasks can be given a status and called up in real time. In this way, the one or other manual step can also be automated, which quickly makes up for the (apparent) delay caused by opening the system and the individual screens. In this way, the slips of paper become again what they should be: The very personal assistant.

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