Fashion for SAP Business One
13 March

Fashion for SAP Business One

The fashion industry is very specific for an ERP. Too special for SAP Business One? Not since SAP Business One for Apparel & Footwear was introduced.

When the CEO of Agentis visited our Munich headquarters about a year ago to present a fashion industry solution for SAP Business One, we were excited that someone was taking a closer look at the topic of the clothing industry.

In the meantime, the beginnings have become a very "grown-up" solution.

Of course, a colour and size matrix has been implemented. However, SAP Business One has also been given seasonal planning and cut management.

The entire process, from purchasing to sale, from CRM to production completely turned to fashion. The surfaces look very tidy and well organised.

The whole thing has also been given the "SAP Certified" stamp.

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