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The barcode is an optoelectronically readable script. The term code does not refer to encryption, but to the representation of data in binary symbols. The data to be transmitted in a barcode is read and processed by machine using an optical reading device such as a scanner or camera.

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Units of measure in SAP Business One

Units of measure in SAP Business One

Units of measure in SAP Business One help companies optimise their warehouse management and inventory processes. Through the precise definition and allocation of ...
SAP Business One Reporting

SAP Business One – Reporting

All sorts of requirements for SAP Business One - Reporting are what a user needs to do after the introduction of SAP B1...
Cobi wms update

COBI.wms mobile warehouse software / update

COBI.wms is mobile warehouse software for handling warehouse and logistics processes for SAP Business One. As a reliable...
Batch management for medical devices

Manage batches for medical devices

Companies that manufacture medical devices in particular are obliged to manage these products in batches. This is especially true for all...
ERP for automotive suppliers

ERP for automotive suppliers

In order to maintain a secure overview between sales, production and delivery, the ERP of automotive suppliers must be able to handle fast processes with high ...

eRetail / Part 3: Branch and online businesses need each other

Branches and the eRetail of the respective store must interact with each other in order to survive in the market...

How warehousing is changing with ERP software

ERP software significantly simplifies warehousing for a company. Inventory, receipt, issue - with just a few clicks, warehouse management can ...

ERP project: when it's going to be complex

If you look up the meaning of the word "project" in the dictionary, you will come across the following explanation: a project is a (big...

New version of CK.DMS for SAP Business One

CK.DMS has released a new version of its document management for SAP Business One. CK.DMS is a fully integrated SAP Business One ...
Wine trade_ERP_B1

Wine trade with SAP Business One

New industry solution: wOne consulting GmbH now offers a solution for the wine trade with SAP Business One. Lots of features...
WEB time recording for SAP Business One

WEB time tracking for SAP Business One

If you now want to maintain a cliché, then you could say that the "watch-making" Swiss naturally have a knack with ...

SMS -PPS - New Star in the SAP Business One AddOn Sky

Since the beginnings of SAP Business One, there have really only been two PPS ...