New version LucaNet for SAP Business One.
9 Jan

New version LucaNet for SAP Business One

For companies that want to rely on independent controlling tools in addition to reporting from SAP Business One, the tools from LucaNet are ideal.
Equipped with a Interface to SAP Business One data is transferred from LucaNet and can be tracked and analysed here down to the individual booking record.

Subsequently, with the help of the planning functions of LucaNet, a P&L-balance sheet and liquidity planning can be created. It is also possible to import partial plans from SAP Business One or Excel and process them further in LucaNet. The integrated consolidation functions can be used to transfer the actual and plan data into a group view. A variety of reporting functions are available in LucaNet for reporting.
LucaNet and SAP Business One can be quickly and easily aligned to the individual requirements of a company.

Now a new version has been released with many interesting features.

New modules

LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 2

With the LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 2 module, a new consolidation with new functionalities available in LucaNet. This consolidation module enables the flexible design and automated execution of your consolidation process.
The LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 2 module is not an extension of consolidation with LucaNet.Financial Consolidation 1, but a new module with which you can systematically and automatically carry out consolidation to prepare consolidated financial statements.

LucaNet.Smart Accounting

The LucaNet.Smart Accounting module supports you in the automatic preparation of the individual financial statement. The preparation of the financial statements is carried out with the help of apps for the automation of the monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements. The created closing entries can be made available for transfer to the company-specific financial accounting or ERP system. To note: The Smart Accounting workspace is only available to all customers after prior licensing of the LucaNet.Smart Accounting module.
Module extensions
The partner dimension is now also available if you have licensed one of the LucaNet.Planner, LucaNet.Smart Accounting or LucaNet.E-Balance sheet modules.

Dimensional extensions

From now on, partners can be combined in partner groups. With the help of partner groups, an aggregated value query of several partners is possible.

Books instead of account hierarchies

  • Instead of the previous account hierarchies, the elements general ledger, subledger and statistics ledger are now available. The elements serve as a basis for the creation of the previous account hierarchy types.
  • The technical accounts dropped with LucaNet 10.
  • All account properties are now independent of the account hierarchy.
  • The balance change has been optimised to meet the technical requirements for integrated mirrors and cash flow statements. In addition, the balance change for positions and accounts can be configured for any positions in the general ledger, i.e. the balance sheet.
  • From now on, transaction types are available for all accounts and positions in all books.

Book in all currencies

From now on, you can book in any currency within a company. For this purpose, a distinction is made between transaction currency and display currency from LucaNet 10.

New elements in directory structures

The workspaces Data Entry Folders, E-Balance Folders and Corporate Design have been converted into directory structures. This means that data entry folders, e-balance sheet folders and corporate design resources are now available to you as possible elements of any directory structures.

Advanced security functionality

  • Definition of password guidelines
    With LucaNet 10, you can define company-specific password guidelines, e.g. a minimum number of characters or certain character categories that must be included in the password.
  • o 2-factor authentication
    The new authentication procedure 2-factor authentication can additionally be activated for database access via the LucaNet.Financial Client. With 2-factor authentication, in addition to the combination of user name and password as the first factor, a confirmation code valid for a limited time is required as the second factor for logging into the LucaNet.Financial Client.

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