Outlook Integration for SAP Business One the other way round : Boyum CRM For Outlook.
5 June

Outlook Integration for SAP Business One the other way around : Boyum CRM For Outlook

When Boyum announced big things a few weeks ago, the suspicion was that the Danes had caught the "Americanisation" that is so popular with SAP and were banging the marketing drum a little too hard.

But when I was allowed to be present at the preview of the new product two days ago, my mouth dropped for a moment. No - not the next cloudBIG DATA - Mobile - thing, was what amazed me. Rather, I have to take my hat off to the ability that someone at Boyum obviously has to do something that is rare in the beautiful techie IT ERP world: to provide something that is of instant use to many, if not almost all, users.

Because, if you look at the screen of an employee in a company today, you will almost always see one programme open: Microsoft Outlook. And despite the constant attempts to bury it in the media, the most widespread means of communication is still e-mail.

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SAP Business One takes this into account by including Outlook integration as standard. This allows contacts to be synchronised, tasks and appointments to be synchronised and e-mails to be stored in the ERP. E-mails can also be sent directly from SAP Business One.

Boyum has now turned the tables. In the extension to (yes what? to SAP Business One or MS Outlook) SAP Business One is prominently featured in Outlook.

CRM for Outlook enables employees in sales, support and management to execute and update important SAP Business One orders directly in Outlook. All relevant data is directly accessible in Outlook.

Functions :

  • Business partnerManage contacts, business opportunities and activities directly in Outlook.
  • Create and send emails in Outlook in a familiar way, and associate them with SAP Business One records to Outlook (orders, contracts, activities, etc.), making it easier to track the flow of communication with customers
  • Jump to data in SAP Business One with a single click and save time searching for information in SAP Business One.
  • Remote access to all important information on the business partner
  • Familiar Outlook environment ensures employees go productive quickly
  • Information from UDF in SAP Business One can be viewed in Outlook.
  • Besides that you can still
    • Calling contacts from Skype or Lync
    • Generate routing with Google Maps
    • Jump to the website of the business partner in the browser
    • See LinkedIn profile in the menu and look it up in the browser
    • Maintain campaigns in MailChimp and add contacts to your list

The time will come in Q3 2014 and the current beta version will be released into life.

A small important detail : Boyum emphasises that you do not need the Boyum B1 Usability Package to integrate with SAP Business On.

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Outlook Integration for SAP Business One the other way around : Boyum CRM For Outlook

When Boyum announced big things a few weeks ago, there was a suspicion that the Danes were preparing for the ...