SAP Business One Sales App: the basis for good sales.
27 Sep

SAP Business One Sales App: the basis for good sales

A good salesperson sells. This fact is unlikely to trigger disagreements in companies with sales ? and sell something, that's what most of them do. Or to put it more nicely: they convince people of their product or their Service and win customers that way. A good salesperson is therefore convincing. If you want to convince someone, you mainly need one thing: good arguments.

Nowadays, it is not enough to learn the standards from the information brochure by heart. Nowadays, people and their companies primarily want their personal problems and wishes to be addressed. In order to make a product or service attractive for a company, it is therefore primarily necessary to have a personal encounter, an exchange. In order to be convincing, the salesperson should be able to call up exactly the right information that shows the potential customer: this is the right place for me.

But where does the right information come from at the right moment?

From the SAP Business One Sales App. It is free of charge and provides sales staff with the appropriate business information in real time. All important business data can also be viewed. processes of the software. Changes are also immediately transferred to the system.

In addition to sales, the B1 Sales App is also ideally suited for customer service.

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Those who want to see the app at work under iOS can do so in this video:


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