Online shops are also part of this
24 Feb

This also includes online shops

Once we lived in the countryside, then in cities and from now on in the network. This is what the film "The Social Network" says. The success stories of online commerce show that it is not only those social networks that are tearing down the boundaries between the real and the digital world.

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ShopERP - SAP Business One becomes an eCommerce system
14 october

ShopERP – SAP Business One becomes an eCommerce system

Versino Nord has taken on the topic of eCommerce integration for SAP Business One with ShopERP in a more fundamental way. Completely implemented in the SAP B1 standard, all solutions for topics in the multi/cross channel e-commerce environment are made available in SAP Business One.

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21 apr

Boyum iPayment: Credit card management for SAP Business One

The new add-on "iPayment" from Boyum is the answer to everything - you might think after watching the YouTube tidbit about this feature. Perhaps because everything with an "i" in front of it is currently being stylised as the ultimate must-have. However, the add-on for SAP Business One is useful and worth a look. With iPayment you can store credit card data securely and process card payments - all directly in and from B1. However, the question of whether this is possible in Germany remains open.

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