ERP systems for start-up companies: problems and solutions
17 Nov

ERP systems for start-up companies: problems and solutions

Thinking about an ERP system when founding a company is about the same as thinking about the furnishings when building a house - simply too early. The "everything in its own time" principle applies here, since the business model often has to be adapted before it is ready for the market. After all, how are exact requirements for software for a start-up to be defined at that point in time?

However, it is easy for administrative tasks to take up too much time and for customer service to suffer as a result. And an ERP project also takes time. It can take four to twelve months before it can be used. This means that even an Start-up company should deal with the selection of a suitable ERP solution in good time. It is also important to note that project timescales differ depending on the type of company. While a ERP implementation For service companies it is quite easy to carry out with a standard solution, an ERP project for manufacturing companies is much more complex.

The budget for an ERP project, which is seldom generous for start-ups, should also be planned. The project costs often exceed the planned sum. This is why rental or leasing models are an attractive alternative for young companies. The Project costsor at least the software licences, can be paid monthly. Another option are lessors who are committed to financing IT projects.

In addition to financing and time pressure, the lack of process experience is and remains the biggest problem for start-up companies. In order to find a suitable ERP system for the company and adapt it to your own requirements, these must first develop. An experienced ERP provider may be able to help with a good process analysis. But every young company can also prepare itself well for an ERP project. Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a phase concept
    In a phased concept, the ERP system is set up cost-effectively with a small number of user licenses and fewer functions. The start-up can first "test" the ERP solution and adapt it as required and add additional licenses.
  • Don't limit the range of functions too much
    In a start-up, the business model usually changes over time. This also changes the need for functions in the ERP system. A broad-based software can then map functions that were not even considered in the original functional requirements.
  • Define processes 
    In a young company it is difficult to structure fixed work processes. However, it helps the ERP project immensely if some work processes are already established. Get Tips at other companies or research the topic of process definition. An experienced ERP provider can also be of great benefit here.
  • Use the standard system as a guide
    The advantage of not customising the system is that it saves costs and the software can be easily updated to later releases. Often special adjustments of an ERP solution are not used profitably at a later stage. Programming is also expensive.
  • Purchase licenses as needed
    To further avoid unnecessary expenses, user licenses should be purchased only as needed.
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