New version MariProject 5.3 for SAP Business One.
9 March

New version MariProject 5.3 for SAP Business One

For MariProject The SAP Business One industry software for project service providers, IT companies and plant manufacturers is now available in the new version 5.3.001. As usual, there is a colourful array of new features and improvements.

Data collection

  • Feature: In the periodic view, an hourly booking can be copied to the following month with the new context menu entry "Copy booking to next month".

    MariProject on the basis of SAP Business One

    MariProject for SAP Business One You can find out how the fully integrated solution for service providers can support you in the sale of complex projects at our Product page. We would be happy to demonstrate the system to you. Please contact us for this Contact on.

Employee base in MariProject

  • Feature: Image files can now be saved with Drag & Drop can be dragged onto the staff picture to change it.
  • Feature: The project selection in the tab Workgroups supports multiple selection.

Contract billing in MariProject

  • Feature: A new basic switch "Delivery note obligation for stock items" prevents that line items of an invoice can be created without reference to a delivery note.

Release in MariProject

  • Feature: With the new basic switch "Hour release via employee supervisor", another form of release can be used. Then hour bookings are no longer released by the project manager, but by the employee's superior.

Reports in MariProject

  • Feature: In the basic settings of the reports [Basics -> Settings -> Client -> Basic Reports], the following can be selected for the reports
    report preview to select a different display. As before, the default is the Crystal Reports Viewer is preset. You can switch to a PDF viewer or set the document to open directly in the installed PDF reader. For both PDF variants, a PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) must be installed.

Purchasing documents - Pro Rata

  • Feature: When Pro Rata Bookings are posted in purchasing documents (purchase orders, incoming invoices), a separate page is now displayed in the wizard with the preview of the postings to be created.

Support module in MariProject

  • Feature: For the context menu of the displayed hourly bookings for a support process, a direct jump to the release has been added.
  • Feature: The notifications to the contact person of a ticket can now also be sent in the language of his assigned customer user. This behaviour must be activated in the basic settings.
  • Feature: Importing untreated e-mails from the menu or via the Outlook add-in has now been integrated into the new support creation wizard. This means that the texts can be changed and saved in one wizard without having to go through several forms as before.
  • Feature: Via the wizard "Merge support cases - move attachments", all attachments including the case text can be moved from one support case to another.
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