SAP Business One 10 FP2011
22 Dec

SAP Business One 10 FP2011

Similar to patches, SAP delivers quarterly function packages for SAP Business One. They contain new functions as well as corrections and legal changes. Feature packs are delivered quarterly. They contain not only new functions but also corrections and legal changes. PL04 for SAP Business One 10.0 was released under the name "FP 2011".

FIX: Personal Data Management Wizard

One fix concerns the administration wizard, which is used to personal data. Here, no warning was displayed for the "blocking of personal data" if the account balance was not 0.
Such a message is now displayed.

Change Journal Entry Reference Fields

It is now possible to change the reference fields ( Remarks, Ref. 1, Ref. 2, Ref. 3, UDF) even after completing the relevant posting period to change.
The following changes must be made:
Administration > System Initialisation > Document Settings. Under the tab "Per voucher", select the option "Journal entry". In the lower part of the window, select the option "Allow updating of appeals, notes and UDFs in journal entries with locked accounting periods".

Consolidation of Business Partners in SAP Business One 10 FP 2011

When creating the document, the consolidation type and the consolidation business partner were taken out and could not be displayed in the document. In this version you can preview the consolidation type and the consolidation business partner in the document. Changes before adding the document are also possible. For documents that have already been saved, you can read these fields but not change them.

Call Report "Last Prices" in SAP Business One 10 FP 2011

SAP Business One FP 2011 allows the Last Prices report to be included in the item master data with a mouse click. The price history of the corresponding item is displayed here.

Duplicated document in reference to the original document

When duplicating a document in SAP Business One FP 2011, the message appears: "Do you want to create a link between original and duplicated documents?. If you have stored a reference, you can see it in the document, tab "Accounting" on the right in the new field "Reference document".

Processing of account statements: Allocation rules, reconciliation account, opening balance

In the form "Bank Statement Line Details Extended" you can now define distribution rules for bank statement lines. This applies to those whose posting method is "Business partner from/to bank account". The same are taken into account in the payments created when the bank statement is closed.
However, for sales orders or purchase orders, the information of the distribution rule is not transferred to the payments.

Improvement in bank statement details

Via 'Bank Statement Row ? Details enhanced? in SAP Business One FP 2011, it is now possible to add sales orders and purchase orders for bank statement rows via the 'Add open documents' window. This applies to those whose posting method is 'Business partner from/to bank account'. Bank statement processing will then create A/R reserve invoices or A/P advance payment requests based on these orders.
To activate this, select > Administration > System Initialisation > Document Settings under "Per document" for "Sales order" and "Purchase order" a value from the drop-down list "Create down payment during bank statement processing".

Close Bank Statement in SAP Business One 10 FP 2011

In the "Bank Statement Details" window, you can now close the bank statement even if the difference is not zero. This applies if for the house bank account the option "No audit of the opening/closing balance" has been selected. In addition, the opening balance of the current bank statement differs from the closing balance of the previous bank statement.
More information on this topic:
Cash discount is not taken into account for sales orders and purchase orders. Therefore, sales orders and purchase orders can have the fields "Discount amount - payment currency" and "Applied amount - payment currency" in the window "Bank Statement Line - Advanced Details"Do not edit.

In the 'Bank Statement Details' window payment on account not possible for orders
In the 'Bank Statement Details' window, the order currency must be identical to the local currency.

Authorisation to "Copy table

In tables, you can copy the contents by right-clicking on "Copy table". Now there is the possibility to allow or block this function.
the Authorisation is selected under > Administration > System initialisation > Permissions > General permissions
n set. At > General > Copy table you will find the corresponding authorisation. The default setting after the upgrade is "Full authorisation". New users have "No authorisation".

Improved search in the form settings

In the setting of the forms in SAP Business One 10 FP 2011, the function" Find next" now searches for fields that contain searched string at any position. Another click on "Next Search" finds the closest entry. Previously, the field name had to start exactly with the search word.

Add Queries to Menu in SAP Business One 10 FP 2011

You can now add queries to menus. This is set in the menu > Tools > Queries > Query Manager. To do this, call up Query and click on the new option "Assign to menu". Here you select the place where the new menu item should appear. Provided you have permission, you can now call up the query from there. Queries are only open for preview and cannot be edited here.

Hide 90-day licence information

When you start SAP Business One, the licence information appears in the bottom right corner and disappears after 2 minutes or when you click on it. Under > Administration > Definition > General > Users you can deactivate the option "Show licence information at startup" on the "Services" tab. After 90 days or after an update, the licence information is displayed again. Optionally, it can also be deselected again.

Check VAT numbers for business partners and vouchers

One can check all European VAT numbers except the German one. This option is activated under "> Administration > System initialisation > General settings". Activate the option "Check VAT numbers for business partners and vouchers." under the "BP" tab.
To check the VAT identification number, proceed as follows:
One clicks in the business partner master data at the bottom right on >You can also >Check VAT numbers. Select 'Update' and click on the [?] button at the top left of 'UID number'. The result of the check is displayed in the table in the 'Reaction description' field.

All changes and fixes can be found under SAP Note "2967034 - Overview Note for SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2011, version for SAP HANA". (S-User is required)

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