ERP projects despite or because of Corona
18 may

ERP projects despite or because of Corona

Even after weeks of lockdown, the Covid-19 virus and its impact on the economy are still unpredictable. It is precisely this uncertainty that is cited everywhere as a reason not to take any action for the time being. A reflex that not everyone wants to succumb to, however. According to one Survey of the IT Online MagazineIn April and May 2020, 268 members of the SAP community took part in the survey. 68 of the respondents want to stick to their projects. Ignorance or foresight? 

So much honesty must be 

Of course, the survey quoted here cannot hide an emerging trend: Yes ? Many companies are pulling out of projectsdespite Corona. Whether they start planned projects, however, is another matter altogether.  
Another very important factor is which Industry a company belongs to. In some companies, the outlook for the future is so bleak that all strategy is geared towards damage limitation.  

Despite Corona or because of Corona

Nevertheless, there are some good reasons to start the adventure right now. ERP implementation to tackle. And some of these reasons are proving to be an opportunity to tackle this project now, precisely because of the crisis.  

The scarce resource of time

Not long ago, everything was going great. The order books were full and the future did not look bad. What few were doing splendidly for companies was the increasingly growing workload with simultaneously weak resources. A shortage of skilled workers was the most frequently cited problem for companies. In this situation, it was not only the idea of introducing an ERP system that gave many entrepreneurs and their employees the creeps. 

On the other hand, the situation was not much different. Many an ERP consultancy had been operating at the limits of its capacity for some time. Especially the top consultants were often booked up for months. Projects were supposed to be awarded, but were not accepted.  

Now, all of a sudden, resources are available on both sides that could not have been reckoned with a short time ago. It is now a truism that the success of ERP projects depends heavily on the people involved. This is true for both sides. If there is now a chance to significantly integrate the best minds in the company into this project, this is an advantage that should not be underestimated. The consulting firm may also be much more flexible now and the scheduling will be much easier.  

Lower costs through higher concentration 

The chance of a ERP project Being able to tackle a project with a decent budget of time and resources also has a direct impact on costs. Of course, it is much more effective to be able to work on a project in a concentrated way. Frequent interruptions force you to repeat things. In addition to duplication of work, the error rate and frustration increases.  
Moreover, many decision-making processes depend on key players who are difficult to reach at peak times. Coming to decisions quickly not only speeds up the process, but also prevents decisions that have to be (expensively) revised again. 

Psychology plays with 

After years of routine, a state of emergency is now manifest for many employees in companies. Certainly, there are some who are unsettled and who are additionally stressed by any kind of additional challenge. On the other hand, there are many who are now developing a "Wagenburg" mentality and are rising above themselves. For all of them, a challenging project such as an ERP implementation is a welcome occasion not only to react to the crisis, but to actively work on the future of the company and thus also on their future. Such a spirit is a major success factor for an ERP project. 

As a rule, ERP projects also always involve organisational renewal. All processes are usually considered and adjusted if necessary. A sometimes painful process, especially in times when the need for change is not necessarily obvious. In times of crisis, however, everyone has been forced out of their comfort zone. Now it is much easier for most people to accept drastic changes.

Driving digitisation forward with state help 

Many companies are already accepting support from the state and authorities. The possibility of short-time work alone is helping a large number of companies get over the Corona crisis. However, the state and federal states also provide support for projects that help keep pace with digitalisation. Money well invested to be able to take off after the crisis on the basis of a renewed digital infrastructure.

The booklet of the trade

One aspect that should perhaps not be forgotten. The Corona crisis has led to a kind of paralysis of shock in many companies. One feels condemned to wait and see and more or less surrenders to this feeling. A creeping poison that not only befuddles the entrepreneur but also the employees.
An important project for the future of the company, it directs the view beyond standstill and brings back what is the most important tool of the entrepreneur: the handle of action.

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ERP projects despite or because of Corona

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The Covid-19 virus and its impact on the economy are still unpredictable even after weeks of lockdown. everywhere...
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