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Accounting is part of the annual financial statement of every company. Thereby the Profit and loss account compared with the company's development and thus successes are measured. The balance sheet is always prepared at a specific point in time.






Understanding Accounting: Balance Sheet & EÜR

Bookkeeping is really not always easy for small businesses. There is also a lot to consider when it comes to balance sheets & EÜR ...
SAP Business One  posting periods

The SAP Business One posting periods

SAP Business One posting periods play an important role in finance. They facilitate the organisation, recording and documentation of financial transactions ...
End-of-year work.

Year-end closing in Germany

The annual financial statement work is one of the most important requirements for analysing the development of a company. Therefore, before auditing the ...
Apply accruals correctly

Apply accruals correctly

Accruals and deferrals are an essential accounting task when it comes to the period-end closing, for example when preparing the annual financial statements...
Financial Consolidation with SAP Business One

Financial consolidation with SAP Business One

Taken by itself, the term "consolidation" simply means that one brings a certain fact into context. In the world ...
Revision security - what does that mean for a digital archive?

Revision security – what does that mean for a digital archive?

In terms of user-friendliness, security, space and durability, a digital archive is clearly superior to archiving on paper. More and more companies...
Cash flow in companies explained

Cash flow in companies explained

If a company finds itself in economically difficult waters, it is the first and foremost task of the company management to control the flow of money or...
Accounting, BWA

Understanding accounting: the annual financial statements

The annual accounts of a company provide an overview of all profits and losses of the past financial year. Business accounting tool...
Accounting, BWA

Understanding accounting: profit and loss statement (P&L)

In addition to the balance sheet, the income statement is an important report within a company's annual financial statements. In this report, yields ...
Accounting, BWA

Understand bookkeeping: totals and balance list (SuSa)

A totals and balances list provides a list of all accounts posted within a selected period. It includes all accounts with...
Accounting, BWA

Accounting explained: Chart of accounts

One of the standard questions that an SAP Business One consultant first asks their clients when setting up their financials is which ...

Not only consolidate but plan with LucaNet

LucaNet has already been presented here on the SAP Business One blog a few times. We often find that ...