8 Sep

Business to Business (B2B or B2B)

The term business-to-business includes the relationship between at least two companies. It describes a relationship that does not take place with other groups such as consumers.

Business-to-business occurs in this blog.



Part 2: Introduce CRM in B2B sales

In the first part of this series, we dealt with the requirements that CRM software should meet for B2B sales ...
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Part 1: CRM in B2B sales

A CRM system is justifiably used in B2B sales in particular. The demands in sales have grown and good data management is ...
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not technological

Enterprise software adoption - surprisingly non-technological

There are a lot of obstacles, challenges and surprises to overcome when introducing business software such as ERP or CRM. During ...
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DATA Science

Data analysis for SMEs

A critical analysis "Data analysis for SMEs" or "Data Science" should actually be one of the top issues for medium-sized companies. For it ...
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Webshop integration via hub (899 × 423 px)

Web shop integration with SAP Business One Integration Hub

Web shop integration with SAP Business One has been a regular requirement for many years. These have long been offered by manufacturers and for ...
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lead generation

How strangers become interested parties - effective lead generation

Acquisition is a difficult subject. Nevertheless, there are ways and means to attract new prospects - and through effective lead generation ...
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ERP CRM integration

Two in one: 6 reasons to integrate CRM and ERP

CRM and ERP - two systems for one company. Use customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning separately as software, ...
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The small difference: ERP and merchandise management

Although software for enterprise resource planning and ERP software are sometimes still used as synonyms, they refer to different system solutions. But what is ...
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ShopERP – SAP Business One becomes an eCommerce system

A large number of web shop solutions are now available for SAP Business One. All relevant players in e-commerce ...
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Purchasing like “the big ones” in SAP Business One with the andavis order manager

In addition to medium-sized companies that operate the ERP system as a complete solution, SAP Business One also addresses large medium-sized companies or even corporations that ...
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