Smartshop Analytics Prototype for SAP Business One.
7 Nov

Smartshop Analytics prototype for SAP Business One

On YouTube Video from SAP shows a prototype of a SAP Business One Installation that opens up new possibilities for retail with SAP HANA Analytics.

SAP Business One is the smallest child in the SAP ERP family. Nevertheless, it is growing SAP Business One steadily. In this context, more and more approaches are being considered that are increasingly coming from the field of analytics.
The search is on for approaches where the real-time analysis of SAP Analytics can be used. HANA world can shine.
How something like this can (also) look like is presented in a new SAP video. It shows a prototype running in an SAP Business One environment.
The scenario is constructed around a wine merchant. He interacts with his customers' smartphones in the shop. Their behaviour in the shop is analysed in combination with the other customer data in SAP Business One. The result of the analysis is offers tailored to the customer, which are immediately sent to the customer's mobile phone.

To emphasise that once again: No ? this is not (yet) in the current functional scope of SAP Business One. However, it shows relatively well where the journey could go and should serve as inspiration for many SAP B1 developers.

The concrete features :

  • Customers who enter the shop receive personalised welcome offers.
  • As soon as a customer enters the shop quotes, the quotes are calculated based on the sales order history of SAP Business One - B1H Predictive Analysis.
  • Customers receive a personal recommendation based on their behaviour in the shop.
  • When a user spends a certain amount of time at a certain location, quotes are sent not only based on the SAP Business One order history (B1H Predictive Analysis), but also to the customer's location.
  • The customer can purchase an offer directly from his smartphone while still in the shop.
  • Customers can place their orders directly from their phones. And create a sales order in B1.
  • The behaviour can be viewed in real time up to HeatMaps.
  • SAP Business One remains in the standard without adaptation
  • The app will be available in a public cloud Hosted, separate from the B1 Cloud
  • The interaction between these two is carried out by B1 Service Layer

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