Two in One: 6 Reasons for Integrating CRM and ERP
3 Nov

Two in one: 6 reasons to integrate CRM and ERP

CRM and ERP - two systems for one company. It is common practice to use Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning separately as software. Nevertheless, an integration of the two systems also has its advantages. Six reasons that speak for CRM and ERP in one:

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Online shops are also part of this
24 Feb

This also includes online shops

Once we lived in the countryside, then in cities and from now on in the network. This is what the film "The Social Network" says. The success stories of online commerce show that it is not only those social networks that are tearing down the boundaries between the real and the digital world.

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Part 2: Introducing CRM in B2B sales
21 Dec

Part 2: Introduce CRM in B2B sales

CRM software guarantees automatic success - this misconception runs deep. The advertising promises of the manufacturers of software especially for B2B sales are certainly partly to blame. These may prove to be true - but they need commitment from the company side.

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ERP&CRM - Part 3: Integration possibilities
27 Aug

ERP&CRM - Part 3: Possibilities of integration

There is no way around the integration of CRM and ERP. We discussed why integration is necessary in the first part of this series. In the second part, we looked at the necessary business processes. Whether all-in, only all systems or two software solutions from different providers ? a lot is possible with CRM-ERP integration.

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Systematically manage sales with the sales funnel
28 october

Systematically manage sales with the sales funnel

While there is (CRM) software for "customer relationship", winning new customers still proves difficult for many companies. It is rare that companies - Apple being the best example - are able to create demand for their products with new products. Instead, a company has to lure customers with other means.

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